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The Original Tiny Sex FAQ
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The Original Tiny Sex FAQ[править]

The Unofficial Guide to TinySex
Version 1.1
By: Kashra


For a long time now I have been meaning to write up a document that would help furs understand the workings of TinySex. After seeing a short discussion of it on fur.stories.erotica, I finally brought myself to sit down for a while and type it up. I intend this to be informative and—maybe—even humorous to some. In this text I will delve into all the parts of TinySex that I can think of. If I miss something, tell me, and I’ll add it into the next release of this guide.

If you’d like to distribute this guide, feel free to do so, as long as you keep it intact and make no changes to it whatsoever. If I must, I’ll say it. This doc is © Kashra, 1999.

General Terms[править]

a furry name for cybersex; when two or more furs get together on a MUCK or other text based communications program and…um…yiff.
furry term for sex; if you don’t know what that means, you probably should go back to school
a safeword is a pre-determined word that means STOP. If any participant in a yiff uses the safeword, then it means that he or she wants the yiff to stop OOCly. There should be no argument when the safeword is called and many MU* administrators enforce it.
a term that means «out of character» and should precede any statement that you are saying but isn’t meant to be something your character is saying
the opposite of OOC: meaning «in character» and is generally assumed unless you have been talking out of character for a while
a term describing a setting for a specific yiff. Will be described in more detail later in this guide.
program used on many MUCK’s (such as Furry and Tapestries) called «WhatIs.» Helps furs to understand the preferences of others before initiating anything. Will be described in more detail later in this guide. Note: on many MUCKs, the wixxx is really called «WhatIs-XXX»
an action taken by a character, as opposed to talking and dialogue.

Part I: Finding the Right Partner[править]

There are lots of ways to start a TS session with another fur. They range from simply looking at each other and saying «lets yiff» (happens more often than you’d think) to spending days, weeks, or even months role-playing with each other before your characters are ‘ready’ to actually do it.

Before even starting an interaction with another character, one should always check their wixxx first. If the MU* does not support this feature, try using the pinfo command instead (used pinfo <character name>). The other fur is not informed when you look at them, so you can do it for as long as you like without them knowing (if that makes you feel any more comfortable about it). (On Tapestries, the command is called the cinfo command and not the pinfo command, so change it accordingly)

The reason I stress looking at the wixxx (or pinfo) is that it provides important insight into the character itself. If you’re a submissive male fox (of course, all foxes are submissive!) and you see a tough looking male wolf in a bar, it would be much better for you to check his wixxx and find out that he’s a mated(closed) heterosexual hermaphrodite instead of finding yourself in an embarrassing situation after you hit on him (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Generally, it saves both you and the fur you confront a lot of time and trouble if you check first—some don’t take mistakes as easily as others.

The golden rule applies here as anywhere, furs. Treat furs as they want to be treated. The wixxx will give you information on that as well, if you check it. For your reference, here are the tags (along with a brief explanation of each of them) used on TapestriesMUCK:

(Many of these might seem self explanatory…but in the effort of staying thorough I’ll go through each of them)

Available to be mated, yiffed, or dominated
Strap me up, baby! (Only over-ridden by sexual preference)
Enjoys having large objects in his/her rear
If it has a hole, I’ll yiff it
Finds blood to be erotic—can get messy
Tie me up! No! Tighter!
Enjoys the physical (abusive) aspect of being submissive
Finds the feeling of being deprived of air erotic
Uses substances to enhance the experience
Also has a cinfo (pinfo) that he/she would like you to read first
Is mated, and not allowed to yiff without permission
Um…loves cunt?
Doesn’t mind (or even likes) the idea of being coated in…um
Loves cum/semen/ejaculate…whatever you want to call it
If you have one, he/she likes you
Fur that likes to dress up as the opposite sex
See cock worshipping
Commanding personality; enjoys mental aspect of dominance
um…got me
Likes profanity/abusive language during scenes and yiffing
another one I find hard to understand
Careful with this one—means you can be eaten…literally
Uses shocks and jolts to enhance sexual pleasure
Doesn’t mind/enjoys having sex in public places
Prefers females over males, but men still have a chance
no clue
Take me now!
Same sex only
Can be either male or female, and switch between the two
Orgy? Did someone say orgy?
As in, the movie term «g» rated…doesn’t yiff
Opposite sex only
If it moves, yiff it…if it doesn’t…yiff it till it does
Enjoys being humiliated—sexual or not
You’re getting sleeeepppyyy…
This fur will make mistakes and is generally naïve about sex
always IC
Don’t even try to talk to my player…he/she doesn’t exist
Furs that enjoy acting younger than their char’s age (as babies)
80 % of men admit it, 20 % lie
Mated, probably (closed), but yiffs anyway
Very well endowed
Cows? Milk?
Not only condoms here, folks—full suits and such
See bondage, just specifically leather
Can you fit a parking cone up that thing?
Prefers males, but females still have a chance
Enjoys yiffing as or with a macro (giant) fur
Likes to enhance sexual experiences through the use of magic
Inflicts pain on himself for pleasure
Enjoys yiffing as or with a micro (tiny) fur
Likes to have complete control over (or be controlled by) a fur
Only has one mate
Not an anthro. A dog is just that, a dog…walks on four legs
Wants to be forced (make sense?) to yiff…be raped
Doesn’t have a sex—probably can’t yiff
Has a mate that doesn’t mind him or her yiffing others
Likes it in his or her mouth/muzzle
Has a master that doesn’t let him or her yiff others
Has a master that doesn’t mind him or her yiffing others
Has a master but isn’t a slave
Needles, rings, whatever ya got
Loves stuffed animals (no no, I mean loves them)
Is owned by everyone, and will follow anyone’s commands
Hunts his or her prey, and not necessarily for food
Opposite of exhibitionist; does not often like PDA’s
Is hunted, or an animal that can be hunted
See exhibitionist, though to a lesser extent.
Candle-light dinners and rp, lots of foreplay; not hardcore
Enjoys inflicting pain on others
Has a fetish for solid excrement
What do you think?
Yeah, I’ve been around, what’s it to ya?
Has a master that owns him or her through force, not love
Not so well endowed
Likes to have experiences enhanced by machines (not toys)
Finds the idea of being killed during yiffing erotic
Ever heard that Lords of Acid song?
Personality that allows others to take control
Can be either dominant or submissive, depending on mood
I hear it has something to do with meditation?
Does this need an explanation?
If you think you’re gonna get a quickie, think again
Hey! Don’t do tha—ack!
Loves melons
Enjoys the physical (abusive) aspect of being dominant
Uses sex toys to enhance the experience
Not well behaved, but can be!
Opposite of available—isn’t looking and probably doesn’t care
Enjoys devouring the creature that its yiffing with
Might not yiff, but certainly likes to watch it happen
The use of urine in an erotic setting
See cum-covered, but doesn’t care what the fluid is
See horny
Will yiff non-morphic animals without a second thought

It seems like a long list…well, it is a long list. But don’t feel intimidated by it. If you aren’t interested in some of these things (or many of them really) the best way to avoid them is to set your own wixxx so that others can know what you are into. If its not there, assume that the fur isn’t interested (unless of course you see the anything-goes tag).

As you can see, the wixxx will give you a fairly accurate idea of the character’s traits and preferences. It isn’t the be-all and end all, however. It is often wise to send them an OOC message asking them if what you’re thinking about would be alright. Believe it or not, it doesn’t ruin the mood and will be very appreciated.

Part II: The Scene[править]

A scene, you may remember, is a setting for a role-play between two characters. Right now I’m using it to describe the general setting of the entire yiff, but when two furs speak of a «scene» with one another they mean something different. The first and most obvious part of the scene is the setting. Where is this yiff going to happen? Will it be in the privacy of your own home, or in the stall of a public bathroom, or even on a park bench?

The setting is important for two reasons. The first is that you will probably implement (if you learn anything from this guide) part of it into the TS itself, so it is very useful to understand what your surroundings are. This is only secondary in importance, however, to the publicity of the setting. If there are other furs in the area, it is vital for you and your partner to understand their feelings on public displays of…well, sex. You and your partner might both be into having it out in the open, but always check for signs and warnings about the area being restricted or what types of play are acceptable. At its worst, a mistake in setting could get your character/site banned from the MU* you were playing on. More often, it will simply win the resentment of the other furs present and probably a good number of flames coming your way.

The other important section of the scene is the relationship between the characters. Why are they together? What do they think of each other? It is here that you must think ahead to what could happen during the TS. Will this be a romantic, slow, and intimate play, or a non-consensual, angry, and heat-filled exchange? Take some time to get into your character’s role and understand it before you begin typing. Try and do what he or she would do in the situation. Also consider the other player when doing so—could you think of a reaction to what you are doing? Or is it so obscure that if you were the other person you would have no idea what to do? Always have in mind a direction that you want to drive the yiff in, and if you begin to stray off that path, re-adjust your goal. If it starts to get uncomfortable for you, make sure you tell the other player instead of trying to keep going, otherwise your lack of interest will only make it boring for both of you.

A "scene, " really, is more like a play. When two character speak about a scene that they did the night before, they are talking about when both characters assumed roles other than what they are normally used to and pretended the setting was different from what it was. Sceneing is an important way for furs to have fun without having to worry about social repercussions for their actions. Everything they do, even to their characters, is just a game. Safewords still apply when sceneing, but actions taken by characters should not be held against them after the scene. By initiating one, you and the other characters in the scene agree to hold no grudges afterwards.

Now, after saying that, I have to catch myself. Before initiating a "scene, " characters discuss the do’s and don’ts of that particular scene. When you’re with someone you trust, generally there is an assumed «don’t do any permanent physical damage to me» rule. Otherwise, its better to state exactly what you do not want to see happen during the scene to the other fur (especially if you’re with someone that has blood, vorarephile, or any of the more extreme tags on his or her wixxx). Having to call a safeword is still an extreme action, and if its because a character did something that he or she knew you were against or didn’t want to have happen—or betrayed your trust during the scene—then go right ahead and hold a grudge.

Part III: Yiffing, 101[править]

Alright, so you’ve found a partner(s) and you’ve found an acceptable setting. You’ve also set up a relationship between your characters and thought about where you want the yiff to go. You understand what is most likely expected of your character and what the mood is. You’ve probably put a lot of effort into this by now, and you’re ready to get started with the fun part.

There are some universally accepted rules to TinySex, though nobody has put them into writing yet. I will attempt to describe the process here step by step, using myself and my mate, Radjin, as examples.

When there are only two furs present, generally the players will take turns posing. Be aware of the amount of time it takes you to write a pose. If you type at an incredibly slow rate, its probably better for you to inform your partner of that—so his or her player can go make some popcorn or order a pizza while they wait for you.

Also, try to avoid this:

Kashra licks your neck.

This is called a ‘one-liner,’ something that is loathed in TS. It shows little knowledge of grammar or English, and its not even close to fun to read.

Kashra gently runs his tongue through the fur along the back of your neck.

As you can see, the term ‘one-liner’ does not necessarily mean simply that a pose only took up one line. Few players are so anal-retentive that they must have partners that type 3 to 4 lines of poses every time. This pose is only one line long, and expresses the same action as the first one. However it also uses adjectives such as gently to help describe the action.

Don’t force yourself to make your poses longer. That leads to actions that sound un-natural to you. Simply try to describe your actions as accurately as possible. Sure, I could change even that pose into:

Kashra gently runs his wide and moist tongue roughly through the deep gray fur along the back of your neck, sending a shiver down your spine and causing you to feel relaxed.

Sure, you might consider it a well-written pose, but I had to struggle to think of more ways to lengthen it so that it took up a full three lines. It also sounds unnatural, at least to me. But this pose also brings up another point about posing which you must keep in mind. You are the one who is posing. You have control over your actions, not those of the other character. Though in your pose you can include a very limited amount of forced action upon the other character, you should not try to describe what he or she is feeling or doing in response. That is what the other player is there for.

Kashra gently runs his tongue through the fur along the back of your neck.

Radjin lets out a low mrrr and relaxes himself slowly, leaning back into you and feeling a slight tingle from the sensation of your tongue.

There’s nothing wrong with this interaction. Kashra initiates the intimacy, assuming they were close to each other to begin with, and Radjin responds in a positive manner, showing an eagerness to continue but leaving it open for Kashra to take in any direction he pleases.

Looking at the situation as it is now, Kashra is playing the ‘top’ role and Radjin is the ‘bottom.’ Though it is hard to say where the TS will go from this point, it is fairly obvious that Kashra will play a larger role in determining it than Radjin will.

There are times when the general rule of one-to-one posing has exceptions, however. Every once in a while you’ll mis-type a word that changes the entire meaning of a pose. At that point its alright to quickly type in a correction. Things like that don’t upset the rhythm or mood of a yiff too much. Just make sure you don’t make a habit of it. Check your spelling quickly before posing, and don’t make un-necessary corrections to words that you know the other fur can figure out without your help. (Everyone forgets an s or an e sometimes, but words are normally still understandabl aftr losin a lettr or tw)

Part IV: Advanced Yiffing[править]

There is a lot more to yiffing than simply describing your actions. The objective of TS is to simulate the experience of real life as best as one can without physical contact. Of course, it does help to…um…have experience with real yiffing, but even before that I found it an interesting experience.

In real life you have five basic senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound. When you are with another person, and being intimate, all of these mesh together to form a jumble of sensations and emotions. Important factors include the darkness or light in the room, the feeling of fingers against your skin, the smell of your partner (whether yiffy or not!), and the taste of—I’ll stop now.

All of these translate over into the TS world as well. When you pose, you want to think about everything that you’re senses are picking up.

Kashra smiles softly to himself as he sneaks the pads of his fingers around your side, running them deeply through your thick fur.

Radjin tenses himself as the slightly ticklish feeling of your fingers pricks through his body, his eyes drooping shut slowly.

Kashra presses his muzzle against your cheek softly, letting his fur brush against yours as he takes in your strong, wolfish scent.

Of course, don’t make it a point to describe every sense that you have in every pose, only those that you would find relevant at the time.

Radjin takes deep, slow breaths as he enjoys the simple feeling of your presence.

The senses can also be an interesting way to ‘hand-off’ the initiative of the yiff to the other character. If you run out of ideas or don’t know where the other character wants you to go, you can simply pose what you’re feeling at the time (as Radjin just did, though he didn’t have the initiative) and let the other fur take control. This, however, shouldn’t be used too often because it can be annoying to the other fur if he or she wants you to act.

Another useful tool is personification. Many furs have a hard time understanding the difference between personification and animation. Personification is a writer’s tool that describes the action of an inanimate object by giving it human traits. Animation is the actual bringing to life of inanimate objects.

I am putting a slight twist on the words here, however. Hands, fingers, cocks, sheaths, balls, tails, what have you, are all inanimate objects in this case. Sure, they are technically alive, but they in themselves cannot think or act on their own.

Kashra lets his fingers roam through your bellyfur, playfully nipping at your cheek.

Radjin turns his head a bit and licks over the front of your muzzle affectionately, leaning farther back to expose his belly to your probing fingers.

Kashra explores lower through the well known territory, the pads of his fingers playing across the rim of your sheath lightly, teasingly.

In this case I am using fingers to probe, explore, and roam. They are tools, instruments that I use to cause my mate to feel certain sensations where I want him to feel them. It takes practice to know when to use and when not to use personification, and to what extent. I can tell you this much, (and yes, furs do this) animating body parts such as a cock is not generally acceptable. Furs can be magical creatures…but a cock that talks, eats, drinks, and sleeps might be taking it a little too far. That’s just my personal preference however.

Part V: Dialogue and Other Sounds[править]

Not all furs are completely silent when they yiff. At least, I have yet to find one that hasn’t at least panted, grunted, moaned, or growled once or twice. There are, however, specific times when this type of action is appropriate—and more times when it is not.

Dialogue must be handled carefully, since not all furs enjoy talking while being intimate with one another. Silence is a powerful tool in the paws of those who know how to use it. Breaking the silence with key words can also enhance the effect of anything you might be doing.

Kashra casually hooks a finger into the opening of your sheath, kissing back at your muzzle and smiling softly. «I love you…»

In this case, the mixture of feelings and sound sets the mood immediately between the two characters. Though the adjective softly is meant to describe the smile, its placement just before the dialogue also causes the reader to think of the words as being spoken in a soft and loving tone. You don’t have to think about all this right away. With time and practice, and a lot of writing, it’ll come to you.

For now, the best advice is to think what would be more yiffy or intimate for you, silence, or dialogue. This generally is good enough to guide your decision.

Radjin smiles back at you and mouths his well-known reply back silently, his lips brushing against yours.

Of course, if you were me, you’d know he was saying «I love you too» but it was just implied in his pose, a perfectly reasonable assumption on his part.

Sounds are just as important as any other sense in exciting your playmate. They are also just as effective as a badly posed action at causing your mate to frown disappointedly. When you think about making a sound such as a growl, or a grunt (especially in the case of the latter), always think about what it sounds like.

Grunt is a word you probably want to avoid. In many cases it’s the only one that seems logical, but you must consider how it will sound to the other player when reading.

Kashra tugs down slowly on your sheath, exposing the very tip of your growing length to the cool air as he watches your reaction.

Radjin grunts and squirms helplessly in his mate’s grip, the torturously good feeling flowing through him.

Sure, to Radjin, grunt seemed just fine in this case, but to Kashra, it made him sound too much like a pig. One of his pet-peeves. He hates hoofed animals. When you want to use a word to describe a sound you’re making, its probably better to use onomatopoeia instead. That is, type out what it sounds like.

Radjin grrrrfs and squirms helplessly in his mate’s grip, the torturously good feeling flowing through him.

This helps to describe Radjin’s actions better, and also makes him sound more wolfish by combining the sound with more of a growl type of effect.

Part VI: The Action[править]

Finally the action begins, and you’re yiffing. You’re excited, you want to have fun, and you want your partner to have fun too. All these things you have to take into consideration when posing.

Kashra pulls your sheath back further, allowing your cock to slip out fully into the open, his fingers gripping it firmly at its base and squeezing lightly.

I’m not going to train you on how to best please another. That’s up to you. I have my own style and what makes yiffing so much fun is observing all the different ways that other furs manage to come up with. But there are still a few guidelines to follow when posing the bulk of your yiff poses.

Don’t spend too long posing. The action is getting faster and therefore so should your typing. This is a hard part for many because the poses also get more complicated, trying to describe many actions. If you find yourself going over 3 or 4 lines, stop and decide what action is less important and save it for the next pose.

Radjin shudders against you as he uses you for support, his paws reaching behind him and grabbing at your hips as he lets out an unconscious moan of pleasure.

Radjin had other things that he wanted to do, but decided to save them for a later pose instead of throwing them all out at once. This also helped Kashra stay interested since he got the pose much earlier than if Radjin had added on another few lines.

Another important tip is to concentrate on one of the characters. Don’t try and take care of both of the characters in the same pose. If (as in this case) you’re giving a fur a paw-job, don’t spend a lot of space describing how wonderful your sheath feels against his tailhole. Of course, if you want to start something there, it alright, but unless you’re trying to drive the yiff in a certain direction, focus on the pleasure you are giving or receiving.

Kashra grips you to him tightly with his free paw as the pad of his paw runs its way slowly up your length, covering every inch of the now-slick and sensitive flesh before beginning his way back down again.

This pose is completely focused. It can be assumed that he is also licking and nuzzling and scritching and rubbing against his mate, but all things considered he can leave that up to Radjin’s imagination. At this point he is pleasuring his mate, and that’s what he describes.

Radjin remains helpless in his pleasure, his cock twitching heavily in response to his mate’s attentions, a large bead of pre-cum forming at the head as he whines softly.

If you’re on the receiving end, make sure you tell the ‘leading’ character what the results of his actions are. He or she did them for a reason, and would appreciate knowing how it made your character feel. Here Radjin extensively describes his reaction to Kashra’s very specific pose.


Where to go from here? Well, take it anywhere your heart desires. I don’t think I’m going to type out the rest of this TS…why not try and get one out of me on Tapes? ;)

There’s a lot more to TS than the basics mentioned here, though I’ve tried to be as inclusive and helpful as I could be. To some its simply a way to jerk off at night, and if that’s you, then you probably won’t improve much. But to me, it’s a constant test of my improv writing style, and I always find it interesting to see what I can come up with in new situations.

(And yes, when I pose, I think about all of those things I’ve written down here, and still manage to get a pose out quickly. I think I’ve been around too long…either that or simply need to calm down a bit)

Anyways, if you have anything to add to this document, or comments, or suggestions, or spam, or whatever, please feel free to e-mail them to me at: kashra@usa.net

I’m always glad to hear from anyfur!
· Kashra

(Herloff on Tapestries)