Hopes and Dreams

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Hopes and Dreams (рус. Надежды и Мечты) - песня созданная интернет-проектом Undertale the Musical, создающим песни на мотив мелодий из игры Undertale. Принц монстров Азриэль сражается с главным героем, будучи убеждённым, что это его старый друг Чара. Голос Азриэля: Atwas, голос Фриска: Shyner_24, голос Ториэль: Lindsay Bolin, голос Папируса: Darby Cupit, голос Андайн: Mippa, голос Санса: Steel, голос Альфис: Бренна H., голос Азгора: Daniel Wagner.


Азриэль (говорит): Finally

I was so tired of being a flower


Are you there?

It's me!

Your best friend!


Азриэль (поёт): Now hold on

To the dreams

You created

For a happy life

It's alright

All the things

We sought for

So long will all be worth this fight

I will not

Destroy this world

I control time

Chara, you'll be mine!

Your progress, your memories

Will be reset

We'll do it all over

Chara, you won't forget!

The best part? I know you'll do it

Then you'll lose to me again

Lose again, over and over

That's what you'll do for your best friend

'Cause you want a happy ending

You love your friends, who could blame you?

You're filled with determination


Фриск: That is not my name!

Азриэль: We'll be here fighting together

Playing for eternity

The strength that let you get this far

It's nothing compared to me!

I feel your determination

I feel their hopes and dreams

They give me the strength to be here

Fighting for eternity!

I've messed around with

You for far too long

Let's purge this time again

Come with me, Chara

Come with your best friend-

Фриск: That is not my name!

Азриэль: Stop trying to live

Stop all the dodging

Stop standing in my way!

Please let me win

For once in your life-

Фриск: Chara is not my name!

Азриэль: You think you are something special

You're just a kid playing pretend

Don't get cocky, little Chara

Soon enough you'll meet your end!

Фриск: You think you are something special

You're just a kid playing pretend

Don't get cocky now Asriel

Soon enough you'll meet your end!

Азриэль: You think that you could ever

Defeat me?

No, my friend, we'll be fighting

For eternity

You have lost everything

Your hopes and dreams

Are sure to fail you

Here at eternity

Фриск и Азриэль: We will never let go of

Our hopes and dreams

We will never give up

For all eternity!

Азриэль: But I've been holding back on you 'til now

Let's see if you can survive this!


For me!

Азриэль (говорит):Don't you understand, Chara?

I am the god of hyperdeath!



Why are you still standing?


Фриск: My name Is Frisk!

In my heart

There's something strong

That will keep me

Moving on!

In my hopes

Proof that my

Happy days

Will never be gone!

Фриск, Андайн, Альфис, Санс, ПАпирус, Азгор, Ториэль:Here we are

Here we stand

Fight together again

Our hopes and dreams

Will not fail

We will find our happy end

We've come far

Here we are

To reach what we idealize

It has been tough

But we won't give up

For a new day is on the rise

Фриск:Asriel, please do not quail

You have walked a lonesome trail

Peace and love will sure prevail

Help me end this sorry tale

Азриэль:Deep inside, I feel a fire

Burns within me ever higher

Knowing I will soon prevail

Knowing I can end this tale

Фриск и Азриэль:In every dream there is a chance

We grabbed at it at our first glance

Life plays the song, we make the dance

It's been like this forever!

Following our hopes and dreams

When nothing is quite what it seems

But life keeps flowing like a stream

So let's stay together!

Time to open up our eyes

Time to see who we really are

I won't give up the chance to save you

And we know we can go far

I heard the tales they told to me

This happy ending cannot be

Let's go together, we shall see

Together for eternity!