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Bergentrückung (рус. Король под горой) — песня созданная интернет проектом «Undertale: The Musical», создающем песни на мелодии из компьютерной игры Undertale. Король монстров Асгор поёт о том, что получив душу протагониста, его подданные наконец обретут свободу. Автор текста: RadixMusic. Голос Асгора: Даниэль Вагнер; Голоса хора монстров: BaritoneBlur, Gentleman Walrus, Invidebit Sunshine, Sym, Tom Previte и Uprising Attorney. Музыка в песне является ремиксом мелодий из игры.


Асгор: So much blood, so much pain,

I will lose a son again,

Oh, dear child, I'm sorry,

Now you face the mountain king!

This will be the last SOUL we need,

I will not accept your mercy

With your pain, the barrier breaks,

And we shall be free!

I'll remember your friendly face,

I can't lie, I will miss this place,

Хор: No more pain! Our savior be,

Come on, mountain king!


He sits on his throne,

He waits for this day

He has waited alone!

Асгор: Can't hold back,

My breath is all gone,

My vision is blurred,

I'm asking myself,

What have I done?

Хор: The pain you have caused,

The friends you have left,

You broke all the laws,

No escaping death,

Асгор и хор: Did you change their lives?

Did you make it worth it?

Did you enjoy your time?

Asgore: Child, we have to go!

Хор: We wish you could stay

At least one more day

Would that be okay?

Асгор и хор: We cannot delay!

It's hard to decide,

For after this fight,

Someone has to die,

Асгор: And I hate to say goodbye!

Асгор и хор: Should I embrace this last chance that I have?

Хор: Should you erase all the ghosts in your past?

Maybe it was meant to happen

And we should stay around

Асгор: Could have been a human,

And still lived underground...

If we could be family,

Walk through the town,

See my dear Toriel,

Асгор и хор: And head home right now!

Асгор: Wait...

Асгор и хор: That's just pipe dreaming,

And we need to wake up,

The people underground are screaming,

There is no way up!

And when this fight is over,

We will see the sun!

Хор: And the memories you have made here,

Will all be worthwhile!

They will make us smile!

Асгор и хор: Farewell, fallen child!

For tonight, the monsters...

Have won!