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I have read all that has been said. Here are a few word from "the U.S. admin" (I am from England, I just work in the U.S.) - unfortunately in English . . .

WikiFur is not just "one site", with a single leader. It is a fedaration of sites run by affiliated, separate communities with similar goals. (This difference applies mostly to the Russian WikiFur, which has a large enough community to be mostly separate.)

The basis for wiki policy is the consensus of editors. This comes from the power of editing. If anyone can edit, the only version which will remain is that which editors agree on.

Very few policies are required for an editing community to be part of WikiFur. The goal must be to create a furry encyclopedia. Articles must be neutral and licensed under CC-BY-SA.

There is no requirement to exclude information about people at their request, any more than there is an official policy on how text should be formatted. If different wikis have the same policy, it is because their editors came to the same agreement.

Five years ago, the editors of the English WikiFur agreed that people (not organizations) could request the removal of certain information such as real names, addresses, etc. and also that they could request that they be excluded from coverage altogether. In this way, the neutrality of WikiFur is preserved. We do not permit a person to control specific information (e.g. "X was a member of forum Y") just because they think it makes them look bad. It is a part of their story; either all of it must be told, or none of it. That was our consensus.

[There are exceptions, of course - exclusion is often denied for people who have committed fraud or other crimes, and sometimes when they are causing major problems or drama. Sometimes even real names are kept.]

At that time, we were hosted on Wikia.com, and the only way to prevent any information appearing in search engines was to remove the page completely and to protect it from editing.

The Russian WikiFur was created by a separate community. It can make its own policy in accordance with the feeling of its editors, using the features currently available.

Personally I think the English WikiFur's current policy gives individuals too much power over well-known facts. I do not believe people have a right to privacy - to control information about them, or to be "left alone" - only for published information to be accurate. I think we give up too much, for the sake of less argument.

For example, from Rase: "о я лишь хотел, чтобы моя страница выглядела так, как мне хотелось бы, без лишней информации, которую я не желал и не просил кого-либо публиковать" - that is called "your homepage, on your personal website". This is *our* page _about_ you. Nobody felt the need to ask you, because you do not have the legal or (in my opinion) moral right to control public information about yourself.

However, I am not the only editor on the English WikiFur, and I am willing to compromise with those who feel differently. That is why the exclusion policy exists on the English WikiFur.

Perhaps a similar compromise may occur on the Russian WikiFur - but it may not be exactly the same. For example, editors may only permit the removal of real names and addresses; or they may require free editing but allow the insertion of tags which prevent search engine indexing. Maybe there will be no compromise at all. It is up to the community of editors.